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  • 14 inch 500 GB Laptop Server
  • 2 TB Dell Optiplex 7010 Server
  • 250 GB Dell Optiplex 7010 Server
    Cell phone access 2 TB home/office data to double your efficiency!

    Nowadays, your cell phone can almost access everything except your home/office files/data, this is a world-wide big issue, we resolved it perfectly with our unique and advanced AllinOne home/business server.

    It is impossible for you to upload 2 TB home/office data to any Internet Cloud, well, Internet Cloud System may not good enough to manage and search your 2 TB data, and Internet Cloud System is very complicated and can't be installed at your home or office.

    Our AllinOne server is advanced with 0 management to be installed at your home or office, it is all automatic just like other Personal Computer at your home or office, and anyone can manage it easily.

    You can use your cell phone, PC or any device to access your home/business server at anytime, anywhere, at the same time, you can use USB thumb drive to copy data to server directly, you manage 250 GB - 2 TB home/office data in table of content interface, you view your data like reading a book, you can go through chapters and sections, flip pages, like real book, each page can display two pictures, it can be your family/business book to manage all family/business stuff, and you can search all data like Google to find out anything by a click! Our home/business server can manage everything to double your efficiency, it works and is well worth it, you can Free Trial!

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